Monero cryptocurrency: where to buy, review, predictions for 2018

September 10, 2018

With the help of Monero cryptocurrency, its owners make confidential payments online. It does not have a peg to any currency, and it is issued by means of specially developed software. The ordinary money is issued by financial institutions – Monero does not fall into this category. It was invented by a team of professionals […]

Cryptocurrency NEM: overview, purchase, prospects for 2018

September 10, 2018

NEM is a popular alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin), which functionality is based on blockchain technology. It was launched in March 2015, and its name is an abbreviation for the expression “New Economy Movement”. The new coin has received a rapid recognition in the crypto exchange society and has become one of the most promising assets for […]

Update on Ethereum. ETH-USD September 06, 2018

September 10, 2018

#ETH We have entered the buy zone, slowly start to open the longs. We need to consider that all the market remains in the bearish phase and we can go down further. The deposit should be distributed up to the lowest psychological levels with adding to the position during every fall. 180 level for Ethereum most […]

Update on Bitcoin. BTC-USD September 06, 2018

September 10, 2018

#BTC The short of August 30 worked perfectly. Globally we are still in the bearish phase but the impulsive dump for such a short period of time indicates the possibility of a bounce or at least a slow down of the fall. Most probably really soon the support will meet us at the bottom edge […]

Technical analysis Ethereum. ETH-USD September 05, 2018

September 10, 2018

#ETH It perfectly closed the shorts of the last days that have been posted in the premium channel, the profits are +9.06% and +9.72%. As for the long-term investments it is on the good levels again for the partial take to your crypto portfolio. Globally the markets are staying in the bearish phase and look unpredictably these days. […]

Profit for August 2018

September 3, 2018

We make a report every month on the signals for the profitable trading on the cryptocurrency markets. 💰+507,38% for August (total profit). We successfully trade while the others lose. The details are here

Technical analysis Bitcoin. BTC-USD August 27, 2018

August 28, 2018

#BTC The market continues to follow the scenario we have mentioned earlier. We are still at the strong resistance and we have more chances to go down. The price remains inside of the triangle, its upper edge can be broken, but most likely it will be the false breakout with the further fall (bull trap). […]