Bitcoin is getting more bearish

January 21, 2019

As you can see, on the scale of 1-day, the price goes down from the triangle and tries to lock in the bearish area, the positive is becoming less. Indicators also do not show positive signals. Earlier in previous posts (in the second chart) we indicated an area of ​​important support, but we see that it is broken and the market is trying to get lower. On a 1-week scale, the possibility of closing a candle above the level of 3658 (to form a further positive) was noted earlier, which did not happen, and a new candle is formed in such a way that it can update the bottoms. On a 1-month scale, we are still on the downlink, and the extreme candle, which has previously demonstrated the potential of positive, is now becoming increasingly weak and bearish. The mark of 3000 remains the main magnet for the price movement, it seems that sooner or later we will still touch this level. If this happens, then you should not think that we have reached the bottom, the downtrend and the bear market can drag on much longer than we can imagine, and breaking the 3000 mark will open the way for the price to move even lower.

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