Will there be a Bull Run? ? Update

January 28, 2019

The bitcoin price is testing the lower bound of the consolidation area indicated by us on 26.01. If there is no rebound and we consolidate below, then a strong fall is inevitable. And many of our readers are interested in the question, to what values ​​can the BTC / USD fall?
The past bottom of $ 3200 for bitcoin can be broken through, and it is likely that in the coming weeks or months we will see BTC / USD for both 2800 and 2500 (if it does not rebound until the beginning of February!). But below 2000 Bitcoin will not fall. Because miners are now working at a loss and so. Bitcoin does not need to deal with miners, as the ether, for which unlimited emission is rather a negative factor. Bitcoin is kept on the miners, and falling below 2000 will be the complete surrender of the main cryptocurrency. Whales do not need to kill the currency they are just starting to try out. For long-term purchases, the stop loss for 2000 will be in the safe zone. But do not forget about the possibility of studs. Bitcoin can hardly be fixed lower, but it is easy to feel with your candle tail.

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