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Daily trading signals for earnings on crypto exchanges from the team of experienced crypto traders Crypto Wolf Signal. Start earning today
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Our advantages

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Signals straight from the source created by the team of 6 real crypto traders with trading experience of more than 5 years.

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Convenient notification system about new signals via email, browser or Telegram.

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Up to 10 signals per day, depending on the market opportunities. Our team works on your profits, not on the number of signals.

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85-95% of our signals are profitable and bring profit to our subscribers.

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All signals are confirmed by technical analysis and charts, as well as the information on the future market movement.

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Signals are easy to understand for both beginners and experienced traders.

Want to earn Bitcoin and Crypto?

Tired of low-quality signals? Sell in minus? Want to earn money on cryptocurrencies without special knowledge? Want to learn crypto trading and independently increase your capital?

What the signals for crypto trading are

Signals are the notifications with an information about buy or sell time for a coin.

The correct signals are based on the analytical information of experienced professionals in trading. Despite the volatility of cryptocurrency market, the signals are highly accurate, working in 80-90% of cases.

Latest profit on our signals

Buy 0,00009240 18 November
Sell 0.00008740 November 19
Profit: -5.41
Buy 0,52200 18 November
Sell 0.51400 November 18
Profit: -1.53
Profit: 0
Buy 0,00000143 15 November
Sell 0.00000149 November 15
Profit: 4.2
Profit: 0
Buy 0,00000141 14 November
Sell 0.00000150 November 15
Profit: 6.38

Every month we prepare a report on signals for profitable trading on crypto exchanges.

All transactions 105
Successful 45
Close 24
Profit 507,81%
All transactions 137
Successful 79
Close 33
Profit 809,83%
All transactions 109
Successful 54
Close 51
Profit 507,38%

Two weeks subscription

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  • Up to 10 signals per day
  • Technical analysis charts
  • Two weeks of full access to all of the resources
  • Reports on profits in your account

Monthly subscription

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  • Up to 10 signals per day
  • Technical analysis charts
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Unlimited subscription

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  • Lifetime access to all resources
  • Reports on profits in your account
  • Up to 10 signals per day
  • Priority support
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Guys! Thanks you! I beat off the money spent on the first day! You really cool predict!


С 11-го по 19-е декабря сделал с 1000$, 1500$. Мог бы и сделать больше.
Благодарю за ваши сигналы 🙂


Пишу отзыв – с 8450$, за 12 дней торговли на сигналах криптовольфа, сделал 16500$.  Вольф – самый релевантный биржевой визионер в рунете, лучше я никого не находил, чтоб сигналы так часто и так профитно выстреливали. Веду учет срабатывания сигналов, у меня получается около 85%. Редкие сигналы “замерзают” на 1 трейдинг поинте. Рекомендовал бы криптовольфа? Однозначно. Если не он, тогда вообще не понятно кого слушать. Благодарю за Вашу работу!


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#BTC An alternative market development scenario might look like this: if the price is lowered to 4000, then the majority will believe in further draining to the supports of 3600 and 3200, maybe we will see an increasing number of shorts. But as a rule, the market often knocks out stops or does not reach […]

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Bitcoin technical analysis. BTC-USD on November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018

#BTC In the near future there is an opportunity to repeat the movement similar to the movement after falling in August. The global market is too oversold, but this does not mean that in the case of opening positions, this should be done on all capital, investments should be partial and deliberate, do not forget […]

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Bitcoin condition after a strong fall 📉

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Cryptotrading from scratch

Rapidly growing cryptocurrency market assets hold the interest of a big amount of people to them. Cryptotrading today is the most profitable and promising type of earnings on cryptocurrencies. The basic knowledge and practice are enough for learning how to trade on stock exchanges. But in order to expect the profit in future, it is necessary to take a crypto trading course from specialists.

Effective crypto trading training

In order to start a confident trade, you need to clearly understand your goal and strategy. There are several main reasons explaining why you should take a crypto trading course. Understanding these factors determines the effectiveness of training programs:

  • high profitability from cryptocurrency trading operations;
  • the prospect of a crypto market that masters the world economy;
  • gaining knowledge and skills of capital management and multiplying money;
  • understanding the basics of crypto market and the ability to be at ease in changing trends as a result;
  • creation of your own investment portfolio, which guarantees a stable financial future;
  • the acquisition of a new highly profitable profession that provides a stable profit.

Learning how to trade in cryptocurrency will help you avoid mistakes at the very beginning, develop your skills during work for getting regular profit.

Only we offer you free crypto trading training!

Professional traders, specialists of our company have developed special programs that allow a new user to learn how to trade with cryptocurrency from scratch in order to understand all the nuances of the cryptocurrency market and choose the working strategy of earnings.

Free crypto trading training will become an effective theory and practice base both for beginners and for skilled traders.

The training program includes:

  • introduction to the crypto world, characteristics of the main cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, market review;
  • the concept of crypto trading, opportunities, and prospects, the main principles of successful cryptocurrency trading;
  • crypto trading dictionary;
  • popular exchanges and trading services overview;
  • psychological and qualitative aspects of crypto trading;
  • crypto trading instruments overview;
  • basics of deposit management in the cryptocurrency trading;
  • risk hedging: risk management and money management;
  • concept and basic principles of fundamental analysis in the cryptocurrency trading;
  • technical analysis in crypto trading: channels, trends, support and resistance lines;
  • the trading system of indicators: types and rules of graphical construction;
  • the analysis of the main and prospective trading strategies;
  • specificity of buying and selling trading algorithms;
  • analysis and evaluation of cryptocurrency prospects;
  • practical application of the acquired knowledge under the direction of experienced mentors.

In addition, in the training process, the current patterns and strategies will be presented, the application of which will ensure the gain of profit already at the initial practical stages.