Will there be a Bull Run ? ?

January 26, 2019

The market situation is increasingly beginning to resemble the beginning of 2015. Then, starting in February and ending in June, we observed an almost exponential decrease in monthly volatility. After that, the long-awaited “Bull Run” lasted more than two years. Now, in 2019, we may be seeing an accelerated version of these cyclical events. In December 2018, a sharp drop in volatility was observed, which also continued throughout January 2019.
Looking at these similarities, the theory of 4-year cycles of Bitcoin price movements, authored by Bob Lucas, seems more and more truthful. Based on his theory, in 2019 we will observe the beginning of a new cycle, characterized by an asset growth of 70-75% of the total time, with a maximum value near the end of the upward movement.

Bottom line: if Bitcoin is still cyclical in its movement, then in the next couple of months the sideways movement will continue. We will observe small fluctuations in volatility with a bias towards its fall. Bitcoin price should NOT fall below $ 3,100-3,000. And in the future will begin to slowly gain “bullish” momentum. Perhaps due to the informational and utilitarian development of the global cryptocurrency sphere, you and I will observe a more accelerated version of the previous cycles.

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