Update. Bitcoin is still bullish

December 20, 2018

If we look at the market movement a bit remotely, then a rather pleasant rebound catches the eye, but bears do not seem to be leaving the market. We are rebounding and this is normal, this event is nothing but a correction of the entire last fall and we can reach a range of about 5000, and possibly close to 6000, but the further course of the market is quite likely and expectedly can be sent down again. At present, on a medium scale, the market is still showing bullish signs, and if the price manages to break the 4500 mark, then it will not be so difficult to touch 5000, but quite reasonably. The pace of movement is still unpredictable, we can reach a peak of growth before the new year, and we can crawl slowly until the end of the first quarter of next year. But at the moment the market is still bullish.

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