Bitcoin update. BTC-USD for December 20, 2018

December 20, 2018

Today at the beginning of the day we predicted another wave of growth, which have already received. The market managed to test the 4200 mark.

Bitcoin technical analysis. BTC-USD on December 20, 2018

Looking at the 30-minute scale chart, we can assume that the market still has the opportunity to reach the resistance range of about 4500. Each Fibonacci wave is related to the subsequent and the previous one, the connection between the waves can be found throughout the entire history of plotting, or to observe the construction waves in the waves. The nature of the market is still bullish, a pullback is not excluded, but there is still a chance to step up. The possibility of this step is not a reason for optimal entry at the current level, but merely an additional argument to remain bullish. After the impulse, the market is again neutral, both long and short will be very dangerous now.

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