Technical analysis Odyssey. OCN-BTC on July 14, 2018

July 16, 2018

Odyssey has a very good team of developers and can demonstrate a perfect development result in a long time perspective. The upcoming events which are: the release of OcPay beta version on 31 of July and OCP Airdrop on 31 of August can have a positive impact on this market can push the price up. Now we are trading near 100 pricepoint, which looks like a good level to open long lon-term trades using the small part of your deposit with an opportunity to buy on lower levels. On 12 hourse OCN looks oversold for a long time already, Stoch RSI is ready to bounce from its bottom line, RSI is too oversold and ready to move up, MACD indicateds the further growth possibility and DMI analysis looks positive for this market. But do not forget about the global uncertainty of all the crypto markets now, watch your risk and money manager, there was no confirmation of the reversal and global growth, the capitalization still can decline along with the price of all the assets, that is why be careful and do not make emotional decisions on the market.

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