Technical Analysis Nuls. NULS-BTC on November 23, 2018

November 23, 2018

#NULS 1d
In the event of a positive global market, NULS can demonstrate a good result for long-term investments. The asset has made a long correction path and is now testing a possible “bottom”. Correctional rollback was -82%, which is more than enough; a downward wedge has also been formed, the breakdown of the upper face of which, as a rule, leads to subsequent growth; long-term MACD looks good and indicates the possibility of further growth; The Stoch RSI is very bullish, and the RSI is extremely oversold and ready to bounce. In the case of a positive on the global market, one of the scenarios might look like this: the price will jump up and break the upper edge of the wedge, after which there will be a regular rollback with testing this edge already as a support and if it withstands the pressure, you can expect further growth if the edge (already in the role of support after the breakdown) does not hold the price, then we will follow to the lower edge, in the case of the breakdown of which (and the support area around 0.00010000), the NULS can continue to follow the downward trend, canceling the positive scenario. Be careful, follow the active and consider all possible market behavior.

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