Technical analysis NEM. XEM-BTC on September 28, 2018

October 5, 2018


If to open the weekly chart, we can see that the market is highly oversold. Now the price is at its lowest levels from which the formation of growth can start. There is a good opportunity for opening the long-term investments, but mind the possibility of a sideways movement and oscillations this time that will give an opportunity to buy lower. Always use the money management and the risk control. In general, NEM has a huge potential, it is a great technology and high popularity on the Asian markets that will not leave the coin at its minimum pricepoints. According to the chart, the markat is ready to form the ground for the uptrend movement till the end of the year after which it can get the next impulsive breakout with the target zones near the reisitances Fib, the result of this scenario will the the profit from +270% to +800%

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