Technical analysis BitBean. BITB-BTC on October 01, 2018

October 6, 2018


On the weekly chart, RSI is still close to the oversold condition, but it is ready to bounce. On the one day timeframe, BitBean is very bullish and can continue its impulse. The market has fallen for a long time and formed the downtrend wedge, the figure that indicates the further growth. We found the strong support in August and in September we managed to overcome the upper edge of the wedge and get to the level up. Now we can see the range of the formed support from which we will go up in the case of fall. Globally BitBean has a good chance to demonstrate the growth from +70% after such a long fall, and in the case of a positive mood on the global market, it can make an impulsive breakout to the zone from +200% up to +420%. We recommend paying attention to this coin.


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