Large-scale view of volumes

December 18, 2018

#BTC 1m
And yet, despite the fact that the market is too oversold and the RSI is at its all-time low, one should not expect any movements to the previous maximum levels. Psychologically and technically important, the 6000 level was broken and, as we see, not by a false breakdown or a bear trap, but by a sure close below with the continuation of the downward movement, which indicates the impossibility of a quick recovery to the absolute maximum of December last year. Rising above 6000 will be extremely difficult. Large volumes are not observed, large players are not gaining positions, since reducing the cost by half from the range of trading over 6000 is a very expensive process, it suggests that the market is not yet ready to go up, at least without recruiting large players, which is not it is seen. Whales know what they are doing and understand the future nature of the market, based on the current situation, globally a set of volume and the opening of serious long positions can be formed from a month to six months, until this happens you should not expect a price above 6000.

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