#BTC Despite the bullish momentum, the global market is still bearish

December 17, 2018

The resulting bullish momentum can maintain a positive attitude in the market, indicators of average timeframes look optimistic, the chances of continued growth are present. We received local resistance around the level of 3600, the breakdown of which will form the movement towards the test mark of 3800 and possibly into the region of about 4000, there are few chances to break through, the market is still weak and the volumes are not sufficient for moving up. Such an impulse, as a rule, needs correction, but now we can roll back, we meet support closer to the level of 3400. Of course, if we manage to break through above 3,600, then after the growth we will likely go down, possibly closer to 3200, and then we can touch up to 3000. Globally, the trend remains bearish, capitalization is likely to step below 100 and the higher we rise now the more chances for a successful short.

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