Technical analysis SteemDollars. SBD-BTC on September 28, 2018

6 октября, 2018


The weekly chart demonstrates the possibility of the profitable long-term trading. The market is too oversold, forming the ground for the bounce, Stoch RSI is in the oversold zone and we usually can see the good impulsive bounces from this zone that we will this time too. Also, MACD has the positive cross out that may push the price up. By the end of this year and the beginning of the next we can get a growth from +150% up to +300%, but we need to mind the possibility of the fall to the support zone at 12000 or lower (for a short period of time), as RSI can go lower, but in general the market is ready to form the bullish scenario. Now it’s better to wait for the fall closer to the support before expecting the global growth.

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