Will Ethereum overcome Bitcoin in 2018?

June 8, 2018

Today, many crypto-currency market gurus in 2018 bet on Ethereum. According to them, this asset is able to beat bitcoin in terms of capitalization and be on the pot position of CoinMarketCap website. The growth of Ethereum in 2017 allows us to positively look at the future prospects of this coin, the cost of the Ethereum for the past period increased by 14,000%. However, after the correction in January, which happened at the beginning of the year, the price of ETH decreased and now it is $ 700 (on the moment of this article creation).

We need to admit that the bitcoin popularity for the last time it has caused an agiotage at the cryptocurrency market. Investors began to pay attention to other promising altcoins, primarily, they stopped on the Ethereum. The value of this coin is that it can serve not only for payments but also for creating your own blockchain start-ups. Due to this feature, experts bet on Ethereum. They hope that one day it will become more expensive than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin alternative

Huebert Olshevsky, who is one of the cryptocurrency experts, thinks that Ethereum has more chances to overcome Bitcoin if to compare to other coins.

“Ethereum is a universal tool that allows you to create your own smart contracts. In addition, the growth dynamics of the coin is more intense than that of BTC. ”

Remind you that Bitcoin appeared in 2009. At that time, the world economy was only recovering from the global financial crisis that happened a year earlier.

Many people thought that the idea of creating a virtual asset is risky, it will not bring the desired result. However, today we are convinced of the opposite, over 9 years of digital economy existence, more than 1,600 coins appeared on the market. Each of them has its own technology, designed to facilitate throughput and make transactions cheaper in a virtual ecosystem.

The perspectives of Etherium in 2018

In the race for the first place, Ethereum looks much more promising than its closest rivals – Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Many crypto-currency traders have included Etherium in their investment portfolio. They believe that the growth of this coin in 2018 will continue for two reasons:

  • high growth rates;
  • the existence of an effective software platform.

An additional attention should be paid to the second factor. The Ethereum platform allows the use of the smart contracts, where a third party is not required. Most of the tokens traded on the stock exchanges today are based on Etherium.

“Etherium has a good potential for integration into different business communities. Now the number of platforms that support this technology is growing rapidly. Therefore, further use of the cryptocurrency will allow us to overcome Bitcoin, “said Horang Torvikar, co-founder of a decentralized company Indorse.


Despite today’s global correction and a decline in the value of the cryptocurrency market, the chances of the Ethereum to overcome Bitcoin are still high. The main Bitcoin technologies contain serious disadvantages that show themselves. For example, in early 2018, the number of unconfirmed transactions in the network of BTC blockchain reached record highs. That is why the transactions became slow and expensive. Ethereum has solved such problems long time ago, so the investment attractiveness of the coin will always be higher than its main competitor, Bitcoin.

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