Update on Bitcoin. BTC-USD on June 25, 2018

June 27, 2018

#BTC 4h

Globally, we did not turn, there are no obvious indicators for the further growth, we are still in the downtrend channel. Any breakout can become false in this kind of situation, that’s why don’t forget about the stop-loss orders. The safest choice, for now, will be to watch the market till it makes the decision regarding its direction. Right now if the market manages to consolidate above 6350, we can form the bearish flag (on 4 h timeframe) with the local support level at 5760, if we break it, we will get the further movement to the bottom part of the channel towards 5400 level.  Be careful, watch attentively the volume and the timeframes of the trades, follow the small targets, use the stoз-loss orders, don’t leave your trades unattended and don’t rely on luck. The current period is still risky, it has not the best conditions.

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