Update on Bitcoin. BTC-USD on June 13, 2018

June 14, 2018


On 2 hours timeframe, we can see the downtrend wedge formation, the fact that we got the impulsive fall for about 21% for such a short period of time can indicate the possibility to break through the upper edge of this pattern with the further growth. If the price follows this scenario, we will be able to see the inverse head and shoulders pattern on the chart. During the last panic sale the market bounced from 6000 level, which now serves as a support, this zone is very important as if this level does not gold the market pressure, the market will follow the further fall scenario and catch the price on the lower levels. https://cryptowolfsignal.com/tehnicheskiy-analiz-bitcoin-btc-usd-na-13-iyunya-2018/

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