Update on Bitcoin. BTC-USD on July 09, 2018

July 10, 2018


As we did not break the resistance at 6800, we do not recommend to buy many alts. Use the small part from your deposit, always control your money management as the market can step down any time and the disposable assets can be useful. On this market development stage, we recommend using stop-orders placing them higher with the price growth. Now you shouldn’t chase the high profit, most of the coins cannot make the oscillations more than 20-30% in the short term. Some of them can give only 5% that is why any profit can be good here. Also, remember that you shouldn’t use all your deposit to one coin, it is safer to distribute your deposit between several alts. Don’t leave your orders without control, don’t follow your emotions and hopes, follow the cold-hearted and calculated decision.

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