Update on Bitcoin. BTC-USD August 16 августа 2018

August 17, 2018


On one day timeframe we are in the same range and still continue to follow the scenario we mentioned earlier. On 30 min we can see that BTC did not manage to break the upper edge of the strong resistance, but the local support at 6270 serves good. If during the day the market continues to hold the current levels, next we will be able to see the try to overcome 6450-6640 zone. On 2 hours the continuation of the negative scenario is possible as the downtrend serves as a strong resistance, the market may need the fall to get the volume before the next try to go up, and, as we mentioned yesterday, it can cause the further fall in a short-time perspective. If we break the local support on 30 min, the market will try to reach 6000 and 5880 levels.

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