Технический анализ Bitcoin Diamond. BCD-BTC на 07 июля 2018

July 10, 2018

Bitcoin Diamond is demonstrating the the impulsive breakout with rather pusing condition of indicators. The market it trying to break the resistance on the upper edge of the downtrend channel on the middle timeframes and to consolidate above it. When it happens we should expect the correction of the breakout and further growth; in order to have further positive scenario, the price does not have to go back to the wedge (after the breakout). Stoch RSI is very bulish with the further impulse to go up; MACD is showing the cross that can push the market up; RSI is moving to the overbought area, which will be reached after the impulsive breakout. On 1 day timeframe it also looks good and demonstrates enough bullish signals for gaining targets marked on the chart. The price can oscillate for some time inside of the pattern, but globally, the asset is ready to be traded on the higher levels, recomend to pay attention to this coin.

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