Technical analysis Syndicate. SYNX-BTC on October 15, 2018

October 16, 2018

#SYNX 1w
Syndicate in a long-term perspective demonstrates the possibility of the new cycle formation with a potential of a big uptrend movement. As we can see, the market has lost 95% of its price during the correction in relation to the wave of growth of the last year. Now we have fallen to the minimal price points zone which corresponds to the zone of 2016 year. On 1 week timeframe the market is too oversold, Stoch RSI has moved to the bottom part of the oversold area for the last months and now starts to show the possibility of a bounce; MACD also demonstrates the possibility to move up and RSI is close to the oversold condition. You should concider this asset as a long-term investment using the small part of your deposit, Syndicate demonstrates the possibility of the growth from +450% up to +1500% during the next year, but remember about the risks and use the clever distribution of your deposit.

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