Technical analysis Nucleus Vision. NCASH-BTC on October 25, 2018

October 26, 2018


It has followed the downtrend for a long time but has found its support within 69 level. On the long-term perspective, the chart demonstrates the possibility to build the new cycle of the price movement in which the growth will prevail. The breakout through the formed resistance of the triangle pattern most probably can push the market to the higher levels but with the regular correction after which we can expect the larger growth. Most of the indicators are very bullish, we can see the divergencies; the upcoming events and technical changes in the project create a positive background around the coin. Thus, Nucleus Vision is another asset that can be considered for long-term investment. Note: never open the trade on the top of the growth, wait for the good levels, there is also a space for the correction. Also, the fake breakouts up or down exist (bullish or bearish traps), while the break down we get a good opportunity to open the long-term trade.

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