Technical analysis Neo. NEO-BTC on July 21, 2018

July 22, 2018


It is one of the top assets, as most of the coins, globally, has gat a good correction pullback. The current price level can be used to open the long-term trades. You can use some part of your deposit to enter using the risk management. Despite the many indicators of the bounce formation (including the bullish divergence of the price and RSI on 1 day timeframe), the market still can go down where the right action will be to buy using the bigger part of your deposit. Anyway, NEO demonstrates good opportunities, the market has a good potential and we have many indicators for the beginning of the new growth formation. We can see the downtrend wedge with the further possibility to break its upper edge, we can identify the main target zones on this stage which are 0.00540000, 0.00650000 and 0.007900000 zones, which will become the magnets for the market movement in the near future.

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