Technical analysis Ethereum. ETH-USD August 09, 2018

August 9, 2018

Ethereum looks good on the current levels as the long-term investemnt, however on the shotr-term perdpective before the new wave of growth it can fall a little lowet (the simmilar price behavior we often see on different crypto markets). The possibility of a fall before the growth can be caused by the market manipulations from the big players, no one wants to lose an opportunity to buy the top asset on the lower price. The artificial price fall can be down to 330-340 (possibly to 320), it would be difficult for it to go lower, anyway this kind of fall can be donw for the shot period and the technical aspects and the popularity of this coin won’t give a possibility to be in an oversold condition for a lonf time and in the situation with Ethereum npboby can benefit form it. On the long-term perspective, ETH has very good chances to touch its all-time high and overcome it in some time. Pay attention to this asset from the current levels but don’t forget about the possibility of the market manipulation which can lead to the global market fall that also reflected on Ethereum.

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