Technical analysis EOS. EOS-BTC on June 07, 2018

June 7, 2018


It is testing the local support and it looks ready to continue the correction pullback.  We have returned to a channel, inside of which we have moved earlier, if the price does not move beyond the upper edge resistance, most likely, we will continue to fall. The lower edge of the channel is a good support zone, however, the stronger zone is formed near 0.0014000 level. Generally if to look at the higher timeframes, we are following the uptrend and the market has good chances to move up to the higher levels, this process will be accompanied by both impulsive breaks and corrective pullbacks, but on this stage, we can see the fall in order to find the reverse zone. It’s important to mention that the coin has a high possibility to touch its all-time high by autumn. EOS-USD is also following the correction pullback and searching for the reverse zone for further growth.

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