Technical analysis ChatCoin. CHAT-BTC on June 21, 2018

June 23, 2018

#CHAT 1d

It’ s in a very bullish condition, the current breakout looks like a good event for the beginning of the uptrend movement. As a rule, the impulses like this have the correction after it, in this case, we can bounce from 760 level before going up. Generally, this coin shows good trading opportunities for opening long positions on the long-term perspective.  The high timeframe indicators show the further movement possibility, the mood is very bullish with enough volume for going up. We can open the trades on CHAT-BTC market on small deposit with its increase with the price fall. In future, the price will go up with the regular impulsive breakouts and corrections, we can mark 900, 965, 1040 and 1190 as a middle timeframe targets, once we overcome them we can expect the further growth. The final long-term target zone visible on the current moment is the zone above 2350 level. If we have global markets fall this coin is also under the risk, the support will meet us on 650 level.

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