Technical analysis Bytecoin. BCN-BTC on June 30, 2018

July 3, 2018

#BCN 1d

It can demonstrate the good entry opportunity from the current level, we recommend to pay attention to this market as to a long-term investment. The market looks very bullish on the high timeframes and with a possible big price oscillation amplitude, Stoch RSI  indicates the further growth, RSI is now starting to bounce from the oversold zone, MACD is starting to cross towards the positive direction. Bytecoin is a good choice for the long-term investment but if the impulse we get will not push the market up and after the impulse, we will continue to fall, the support will meet us near 30 level from which the similar impulse can be formed as well. In general, the asset looks good, the upcoming events that have been announced by the developers can have a positive impact on the price development.

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