Technical analysis Bitcoin Cash. BCC-USDT on October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

#BCC Bitcoin Cash has a good price range for buiding the long-term uptrend. These levels look like good support and can be compared with the levels of 2017 year from which the impulsive growth started. On 1d timeframe we can see the divergence between the price drop and the growth of RSI indicator starting from the middle of August, which is a good sign for opening the long-term trades. Also, we are getting closer to the upper edge of the downtrend channel, the breakout of it will be rather impulsive but with the following general reatacement. The support meets us on 410 level, from which we have recently bounced and can reapeat it once again. If we break it through the bottom edge, the market shouldn’t go lower the downtrend line, from whitch it will bounce again soon to come back to the higher levels. Now Bitcoin Cash is a good choice as an investment using some part of your deposit.

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