Technical analysis Bitcoin. BTC-USD on June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018


The market is getting very slow, the altcoins’ movements do not demonstrate the oscillations with a large amplitude, this is a temporary phenomenon as if to look at the history, now we are noticeably behind the bullish mood if to compare with the past years. However, the cryptocurrency is a young market, its cycles can change a lot if to compare its movement history with the history of similar assets. The prices go lower, the oversold condition goes higher, we have made a big correction way and how we are getting closer to the new market cycle formation. Don’t sell in a panic, we recommend to wait for the new opportunities, the higher levels are looking forward to us in the future along with the new records, but now the market needs the control and patience. Bitcoin is moving very slow sideways when other coins can make the bounced and small growth, giving the opportunity for the successful trading. Anyway, don’t be caught by the emotions, be patient on the market and wait for the positive market background. Once we notice a substantial number of bullish signals, we will get many opportunities to open positions for gaining big profit.

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