Market review on May 23, 2018

May 24, 2018

The panics subside, looks like the market is trying to consolidate on the current levels, alts have found the local bottom and ready to bounce. Now we can see the panic sell, as it was last time on May 11, many coins are losing their volumes and flying down. Don’t panic in case of drops, it’s the worst idea to fix your loses during the panic sell.  Stop-loss orders have worked, but we can see, that there was no correction of the fall, we recommend no to sell in panic, wait for the bounce to the higher level. The price increase along with the correction waves as well as the falls go along with the correction price increase. Don’t let yourself be emotionally involved, it’s better to wait through the market “red days”. If you opened the position higher it’s better to use the price falls for an additional entry with the sell on the bounce. We have already faced the bad news and market manipulations when there was a hard price crash, but you can see, that it has not been only recovered, but reached the higher levels sooner or later. The market is the place, where the patience and cool-headedness wins, don’t follow the crowd, don’t buy or sell in panic.

Обзор рынка криптовалют на 11 мая 2018

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