BTC further may be subject to manipulation

November 21, 2018

An alternative market development scenario might look like this: if the price is lowered to 4000, then the majority will believe in further draining to the supports of 3600 and 3200, maybe we will see an increasing number of shorts. But as a rule, the market often knocks out stops or does not reach the expected levels, so in this situation the price may turn around just below 4000, without going down strongly. Since lowering the price below is too expensive, we can again fluctuate sideways for a long time, but already around 4,000, and after (when the market chooses the direction of the trend and the majority starts to gain position), you need to be ready for market maneuvers to remove stops. Do not forget that some maneuvers help the market to make. As before, we are dealing with a large number of manipulations, remember this, open transactions only having considered all possible options.

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