BLOCKv technical analysis. VEE-BTC on November 13, 2018

November 13, 2018

BLOCKv is based on the Ethereum blockchain and develops in the field of digital objects. The main focus of the development is on the creation and management of digital assets, content licensing and the transfer of such mechanisms on the blockchain basis. Every day we use the objects of the digital world, such as: photos, videos, various advertising banners and social platforms. Their value is currently not appreciated, and property rights, as a rule, are extremely small. Using the blockchain, the BlockV platform creates an environment where digital objects become truly accessible, acquire value, and can be a market and liquid product. In addition, it is worth noting the wave of the development of virtual and augmented reality – another new step in the development of Internet technologies. The introduction of blockchain technologies into virtual reality will give users the possession of digital objects and things that exist exclusively in the virtual space. The BlockV project will be a pioneer in this industry. Further penetration into the traditional society of blockchain technologies is a matter of a short time, and the more clear and accessible to ordinary people products will be offered by companies creating their projects on the blockchain, the faster this process will be completed. BlockV is essentially an ecosystem of virtual things on the blockchain.

Investing in such an asset for good should be considered for a period of 5 years, but in the next year one can see the possibility of making a profit from open deals from current levels. While we are above the established support (about 0.00000129), the asset has good chances to build an upward movement. MACD has been bullish since the end of the month of May, and RSI since the beginning of March, while the cost of VEE has fallen. Such a divergence is a good sign and may indicate upcoming growth. We highly recommend to pay attention to this project, such ideas – the future that has already come.

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