Bitcoin update. BTC-USDT on December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

We continue to follow the main scenario of this post. The market still has good chances to touch 3000 (it is possible to punch a little below 2900 or so) before attempting to turn to levels up to 5000. Next, you need to look at what is happening, it is quite possible that growth to 5000 will only be a correction of the last big drain and Bitcoin will further continue the global downtrend below 3000. Right now, the market is very neutral: if we break through local resistance around 3640-3750, then we move up, if we break through support around the specified area (3300, and we fix below it), then we continue eat it fall. The priority of the short at the moment is relevant, from whom it is already open from the previous levels – we keep using the stops, it makes no sense to open new shorts or long positions right now, it’s better to watch and stay neutral.

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