Bitcoin update. BTC-USDT on December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

We continue to decline. Globally moving down the market is serious, we will test the 3000 mark either now (in the medium term) or later (in the long term). At the moment, we are approaching the first important support area, the lower edge of the channel can hold the price, and the resulting rebound will make the market more bullish for some time, further growth may follow to resistance 3640, and its breakdown will extend growth to the next resistance range of 3800-3900 . Large scale indicators are bullish, which in the current situation provides a good opportunity for a positive scenario for a while. But considering the negative scenario: if the nearest support area is broken, then we will go to the area of ​​about 3200, which corresponds to the recent minimum with the downtrend intersection of the last month, a breakdown of this zone will be a very bad signal and further 3000 test will be very likely. Bottom line: even in the case of a good rebound with a subsequent growth, the market has further greater chances to get closer to the 3000 mark again.

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