Bitcoin our view on the near future

November 14, 2018

Market behavior is pushing for alarming conclusions. At the moment, an important milestone is the support of 6200, the breakdown of which can easily send the price to test a much more important mark 6000, after which a 6000-6200 corridor may arise for several days and further downward follow. Large exchanges can now with all their forces keep the price, maybe even we will see growth in the range of 7000-7500, but after such a manipulation, a downward shift may be inevitable. We would consider closing deals at these levels for a while. You need to buy when everyone is selling, and sell when everyone is buying.
The main question is still open: when will the market be ready to really unfold? Now we see not the best picture, but if we break through 6000, then a drain of $ 500-1000 will not take long, amid such a fall, the alts will also go down, place a stop order and remember money management.
At the moment, we are not seeing the pampas of individual altos, the cue ball is going lower and lower, the USDT has gone down – the global situation looks bad. The last pip of the cue ball could have been considered a reversal, but now we are simply rolling back as if nothing had happened. If earlier the difference in the USDT / USD rate was for the sake of the pip of the cue ball, now with a difference of 3% they keep the rate.

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