Bitcoin is still bullish

December 23, 2018

On the scale of the month, we can clearly see that we are still moving in the descending channel. The formation of the extreme candle looks like a “reversal”, which gives us a good opportunity to jump to the upper edge of the channel, but it will be rather difficult and unlikely to go higher. In the case of achieving resistance of 5,000, the chances for a breakdown and fixation above are very small, to continue further to decline more likely, since the market still does not have sufficient volumes for a real bullran. Still adhere to the scenario that we are now witnessing a rebound of a dead cat.
The weekly scale looks positive, to maintain a bullish mood, we need to keep above the 3650 mark. On the month scale, there is still a strong oversold, but on the weekly chart RSI and Stoch RSI look positive, there is a rather bullish attitude and good chances for the upward movement. Day-to-day MACD also looks good. In addition, we can note that now we are in a zone of strong resistance and going higher will lead us to the area with little or no resistance, where we can get a rather strong bullish impulse.

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